Plastic Crate 006 (HS006-SB) – LT

  • Kích thước: 530 x 430 x 110 +/-10 mm
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Plastic Crate 006 (HS006-SB) – LT

  • Materials: 100% genuine PP plastic, plastic materials do not contain BPA, odorless, do not release harmful substances during use, so it is safe for health.
  • Used in industrial parks, factories, factories, stores …. for many different purposes, from the container, fruits, vegetables, … also used to make baskets. Cargo after motorbikes.
  • Solid plastic frame, impact resistance, good load capacity.
  • Both sides have a firm grip, light weight, easy to transport.
  • The amount of cargo contained is large and may overlap, thus saving space.

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Commercial name

Plastic Rack E80250





Fist load-bearing capacity

Total load-bearing capacity


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